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The calculation depends on several factors: the transportation distance, the weight and the volume of the load, Maximum Authorised Mass of the chosen vehicle, the total distance of the route, the time of use of the vehicle, type of vehicle, the area of the transfer, as well as several other factors.

If you want to find out the economical price of your SMALL SHIPPING (up to 7 cubic metres) on your own, we offer you a very useful online tool, easy to manage - REMOVAL COSTS CALCULATOR, that is based on the average of the mentioned factors, always for the benefits of the clients. In this VIDEO (follow the link) you will get some visual instructions to evaluate your shipment correctly. Nevertheless, an interesting system of discounts is applied to those economical prices. There are special prices for full loads and/or for loads over 8 cubic metres. We can propose you significant savers according to the dates, itinerary, season, etc. Therefore, it is always recommendable to send us a particular order - the list of the objects of your moving, taking advantage of the useful and easy to use online tool displayed below.

The first 7 lines of the Form are editable and aimed to create an inventory. The rest of the rows within the sections "VARIOS HOUSE OBJECTS", "ENTRY, HALLWAY OF THE HOUSE", "HALL, LIVING ROOM", etc. (click above to display them), they are also editable, although they are pre-filled with the estimated data of the most common objects in case of moving. To be able to facilitate the handling, the items will be classified according to their usual place in the house, organised in alphabetical order. Please, double check the dimensions and, if necessary, correct them. In case the filled dimensions are correct, the only thing you will have to do is modify the number of units to be transported. Once you finish filling out the Form, do not forget to press the "SEND THE CALCULATIONS" button.




Indicative rates:

1. Rates for merchandise transportation or moving at local, municipal, provincial, regional, national and international levels:

- Regional, provincial, municipal or local (radius ≤ 90 kilometres): €25 per hour.*
- National and international (radius more than 90km., small loads): check the Removal Costs Calculator interposed above.*
- There are important discounts for transportation of full loads or for loads of more than 8 cubic metres.
- We offer personalised discounts for each client, special discounts for students, users who belong to large families, for retired people over 65 and merchandise transportation (moving) of over 8 cubic metres.
- Installation and/or deinstallation of household appliances in the moving - FREE.
- Disassembly and assembly of furniture to be transported - FREE.
- Packing and unpacking material - FREE.
- For our clients (with loads between 6 - 16 m3) service of displacement - FREE.

*Loading and unloading, services, expenses of fuel and tolls are included.

2. Professional driver with vehicle rates:

- Displacements for arranged trips at the rate of 0,6 €/km.
- Waiting related to the service €8 per hour or €180 per day.
- Luggage transfer: up to 10 m3 and 1100 kg. - FREE.

3. Rates Professional Driver in possession of all the cards to be able to drive any vehicle owned by the customer:

- Hours: €10 per hour.
- Km.: €0,20 per km.
- Días: €180 per day.

4. Storage rates * **:

For the charge of Surface min. required Price by
Day Week Month
3,5 m3 2 m2 6 € 30 € 92 €
5 m3 3 m2 8 € 35 € 108 €
6,5 m3 4 m2 10 € 38 € 126 €
8 m3 5 m2 12 € 44 € 134 €
9,5 m3 6 m2 14 € 49 € 141 €
11 m3 7m2 16 € 60 € 178 €
13,5 m3 8 m2 18 € 74 € 194 €
15 m3 10 m2 20 € 86 € 207 €
* Warehouse service for small loads (up to 3 m3 and 30 days), objects of "shared transport" are totally free. For more information, follow this link.
** The mentioned prices include the basic Insurance Coverage of €145. There is, thus, the possibility to sign on for additional Insurance. The prices do not include the VAT.

5. Furniture mantling and/or dismantling service rates that are out of the moving service, or the labour related to it, are not contemplated in the free service category (in case of moving):

We provide a price of €25 per hour for the time worked, it can be found (controlled) using the Formula below:


Price =
number of operators X minutes worked X €25 / 60 minutes


For instance, usually, in case of small/medium moving (up to 15-16 cubic metres), the service will be provided by a team of two professional carriers. In case, for the mantling/dismantling of a big table, it takes them 10 minutes (if it cannot be possible to transport assembled and packed), the price will increase only by €8,33 (see the calculations above).


Precio =
2 operators X 10 minutes worked X €25 / 60 minutes
= €8,33


For an exact budget and without any commitment on our services, please, contact us through one of the indicated options on the page.


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