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Preparations for moving

mantas-cajas-material-para-mudanzs-www.cochelimp.comWe have protective blankets for transportation boxes of different size, bubble wrap and all kind of authorized and qualified packing material.

We buy in bulk at wholesale prices that is the reason it comes out cheaper. So we can provide our services to the customers without any increase for the use of such material.

Our operators will take responsibility of packing/unpacking of bulky objects (electrical appliances: washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators; furniture; beds, sofas, wardrobes etc.) That task and the material used are totally free, because we consider we do that first and foremost for our own security.

However, full service may be provided: to pack, put the goods into the boxes and at the destination out them in the indicated place, following your instructions. Other tasks related to directly to the moving may be performed, such as: hanging the curtains, picture, lamps, emptying the house, swapping the furniture. For that kind of task we offer a budget of 25€/hour per operator. The material to be used is included.

In case the customers want to pack the goods on their own, the task of packing is not considered as a free service.

- We will provide all the necessary material for packing at wholesale price ( or we bought at prices) without interests);
- We collect the remaining material and give back the corresponding money.

We have vast experience in packing of all kind of utensils, as well as in assembly/dismantling of furniture, installation/uninstallation of electrical appliances that work is free for the client.

Mudanzas-portes-transporte-www.cochelimp.comIn addition, in case of moving of less than 1500 kilos and 9m3(capacity of a large van. For the services between the countries of European Union and Armenia, Russia, Belarus and Morocco), the customers may travel for free in a comfortable way with their belongings saving up on travel tickets.

(up to 5 people ADAPTABLE VEHICLE. See photo)

Our goal is you may have fun in such a stressful situation.

Do not doubt to contact us. We will answer your questions and will provide you with the necessary information on the services.
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Transportation price calculator.

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Insert the external dimensions of your belongings into the box; 2. Add the amount of kilometers between the origin and the destination in the red box. The data on it may be obtained on Google Maps or Via Michelin. The links to these pages may be found next to the Calculator; 3. If the number of the objects to be transported exceeds the quantity of rows available, we propose you to go to this SECTION to be able to use more extensive online tool.

Object/box, table, etc. Length/cm Width/cm Height/cm Number/units
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INSTRUCTIONS: Video (in Spanish)


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