¿How to evaluate and organize the moving and relocation?



Now let us give you a couple of tips. In fact, all are very easy to fulfil and logical. Nevertheless, in a stressful situation you are lost and forget to do such obvious things.




1. If you are packaging personally, purchase suitable packing material and sufficient quantities to close well the fragile things. Best to wrap in "bubble" and place them in cardboard boxes, taking care they do not have direct contact with each other. It must be taken into consideration that no company (even the best and the most trustworthy in the world) may be responsible for the damaged material if the packing has not been made by themselves. For more information on the terms and conditions of the service, please follow this link Legal notice.




2. If your moving is big, start the packaging work as soon as possible and firstly pack the things you will not use these days for sure. When closing the boxes, it is better to number them and put their content in each one, in case you need to recover something urgently. These acts will decrease the "Post-Moving Stress" as well, allowing you to find the boxes with the things you need firstly in your new home. Do not forget to mark with the word "Fragile" those boxes that contain delicate items that require a special treatment.




3. To make a list of objects to transport (inventory) is an "aerobatics in a self-organization. Nevertheless, it is something essential if you are not performing the moving on your own, but through contracted people. Here you can view and/or download an example of standard inventory - "Transfer authorization" form.



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4. When make the boxes or packages bear in mind that they do not have to exceed 32kg. This ensures that they are easily manageable and do not break when are being moved and the content is not damaged. Nevertheless, it is clear that we cannot place all the suitcases and boxes on the same level and they will be placed one over the other. For instance, if a box weighs more than 20kg., besides the fact that it may break while moved, it may also deform the other boxes structure it will be placed over, and the content may be damaged. To average the weight of boxes, you can combine heavy things with light things. For example, half of a box fill in with books and the rest with clothes. In any case, if the boxes (suitcases) containing fragile items are properly labelled (note "FRAGILE"), this will help the carriers a lot to determine the "strategy" while loading (in order none of these items is remounted by a heavy one).




5. To manage properly the moving first you have to measure the size of your load. If you are going to carry mostly boxes or rectangular objects (which fit well with one another), as shown in the photo (X*Z*Y), you can easily know the total-approximate size of your load.




6. In case of removable appliances or furniture, it is highly advisable to separate the parts before moving them to ensure the integrity and security of the same. To avoid mistakes in calculations of the volume, it is better to measure the dimensions of each part separately: Part # 1 - X1*Z1*Y; Part # 2 - Z2*X2*Y.



Calcular-Volumen-Lampara-www.cochelimp.com Calcular-Volumen--butaca-www.cochelimp,jpg

7. During the loading of furniture (or any kind of stuff) with difficult configuration, you have to allocate more space for its actual measurements. If you do not have the original packaging, you should always measure the external sides of the objects. This will help to avoid mistakes in previous calculations of volume and, therefore, in the organization of the moving process.




8. If there are bulky objects in the moving, it is necessary to measure them to know whether they can fit in the lift (forklifts) or it is necessary to carry them downstairs (at the origin of the move) or upstairs (at the destination of the move) manually. The provided information is very important to determine the number of people who will help you, the material and the means necessary to carry out your moving (see points 11 and 13).




9. The furniture and household appliances during the moving must be empty and cannot contain other objects of transport to avoid damage to the first ones.




10. All the parts that are not fixed on the inside of objects, such as: trays, dividers, drawers, etc. must be removed.




11. For the organization of the move, it is good to previously take the width and height of the entrance to the elevator (X2, Y2) and the three dimensions (X1, Z, Y1) of the latter, and then compare them with the dimensions of their larger objects (see points 8 and 13).



Rampa-www.cochelimp.com Zona-de-carga-descarga-www.cochelimp.com

12. The ramps, elevators and / or forklifts valid for the collection and / or delivery of objects, as well as the existence of nearby loading and unloading areas, will greatly facilitate the moving process. In case to carry out the transportation of your goods you will reach out to a transport company, these are influential factors and will lower the budget, by a smaller number of employees present at the place and at the time of loading or unloading.




13. In the case of absence of an elevator (forklift) or in case it is not useful for the reception / delivery of all the objects of the move because they are small, it is important to find out if the stairs and the turns of the same are sufficiently spacious to organize the moving up/down your belongings in proper conditions (without any damage to the building facilities). It is very important to determine it previously, to have lifting systems (moving cranes) on the loading or unloading days.



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