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This easy-to-use online tool allows you to know the PRICE, the approximate TIME your removal will last, create an INVENTORY of the objects and calculate the VOLUME – an essential data to quote your move. In case of difficulty- INSTRUCTIONS and VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS below.

*Depending on the speed of the Internet connection, sometimes the passage from one cell to another and, consequently, the visualization of the result of the calculation, can take about 3-5 seconds. To "streamline" the process, occasionally click red Button "see result".


This online tool permits you to create an object's inventory and calculate the volume — an important data to budget your moving.

The boxes of the first seven rows of the Calculator are editable and specially designed to enter the names, dimensions and the quantity(number) of the objects to be transported.

The rest of the boxes on the Calculator are equally editable, however, they are pre-filled in with the data worked out by us of the most frequent objects in a moving.

For your convenience, we have put them in alphabetical order, however, they are classified according to their usual place in the house (click on "VARIOUS HOUSE OBJECTS", "HALL, LIVING ROOM", "BEDROOM AND OFFICE", etc. to display the list of objects). Please, double check and correct them.  In case all the data is correct, the only thing you have to do is to modify the number of units to be transported.

Once you finish filling out the Calculator, do not forget to click the botton "SEND THE CALCULATIONS".


Video instructions

Useful tips

In order to evaluate your move in a correct way, first it is necessary to measure the volume of your goods.

If you are going to transport mainly boxes or rectangular objects (for example boxes), the way is shown in the photo (X*Z*Y), you may determine the volume of your load without any difficulty.

In the case of big furniture transportation, it is necessary to previously dismantle and measure each part separately: part Nº1 X1*Z1*Y; part Nº2 Z2*X2*Y. Calcular-Volumen--butaca-www.cochelimp,jpg

To guarantee safety and integrity during transportation, it is highly recommended to transport electrical appliances (TV, computers, etc.) and other delicate objects in their original packaging. In the case of absence of such packaging (boxes, container cases, etc.), you should always take the extreme measurements of these objects (photo Nº1 - X * X * Y, photo Nº2 - X * Z * Y), as if they are already packed. This will help to avoid mistakes in previous calculations of volume and, therefore, in the organization of the moving process.

The furniture and appliances during the moving must be empty and cannot contain other objects of transport to avoid damage of the first ones.




All parts that are not fixed on the inside of objects, such as: trays, dividers, drawers, etc. have to be removed.

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