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Removal news

How to streamline the managing process of your move?

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moving volume calculator

When planning to move for the first time, it is normal to seek the advice or assistance of a professional. For someone who has already gone through this event, there are many other reasons (lack of tools, adequate vehicle, physical strength, time, desire, etc.), to go back to a professional service that will cover their needs.

Related to this, we advise those who need to change their address for the first time, and remind "experienced travelers" that the fastest...

Removals. Funny story about a move to a new apartment

funny story about a move to a new apartment

In November 2016 we formalised a moving contract with a young client, a medical student, from Las Rozas, Madrid to a small town near Aalborg, Denmark.
It all started regularly, as happens on these occasions: in Las Rozas we were attended by the mother and father of the young woman and after packing all small and large things in her room, we contacted her because in approximately 50 hours we would be in the place agreed, determining as well that we would notify...

How far in advance is it necessary to hire a moving service?

how far in advance do I have to book a moving

Imagine you have found a transportation company that has affordable prices for services. Now, how far in advance you must confirm the services to that company, to agree with it the moving dates?

In this sense the season has a certain influence. For example, in summer, in a holiday season, it is much better to book your move in advance. But, as a rule, especially if your cargo is large enough to have an individualized...

How long does a move or merchandise transport take?

how long does a move or merchandise transport take

To answer correctly to that question " how long does a move or merchandise transport take? the very first thing to clarify is whether you ask that question because you need to know the time it will take in terms of organization (transportation services hiring, discharge of supplies (electricity, telephone, gas, etc.);  and preparatory issues (furniture assembly/disassembly, uninstalling / installing electrical appliances, packing / unpacking and loading / unloading of transport...

The request to change residence to the United Kingdom (ToR1)

The request to change residence to the United Kingdom (ToR1)

If you are planning to move to the United Kingdom, it is important to obtain a reference number for the transfer of residence to the United Kingdom in advance. It is called URN (Unique Reference Number) and they are granted from customs after verifying that the things that are entering the country are personal effects and therefore exempt from taxes and customs fees.
Please note that your URN only covers imports...

How to meet the Sustainable Development Goals in removal process?

sustainable moving services

It is high time for everyone to understand that the future is based on sustainability, and everyone should try to do their part to safeguard the Earth as this is beneficial to all of us.

In this scenario, transportation companies can play a key role and must opt for a more sustainable freight transport, logistics and courier. It is a challenge of a strategic priority at local, national, European, and global levels.

Contributing our grain of sand to a healthy ...

Donate leftover objects from a removal or emptying of flats to the NGO

Donate leftover objects from a removal or emptying of flats to the NGO

When you move abroad or to another province and your current home, due to the rental contract, you must leave it in the same conditions as on the day of rent/sale contract. So, it must be left empty, obviously you have to do a general cleaning, take away the useless or even spoiled objects accumulated at home, stored "in case we ever needed them".

On the other hand, if it is time to get rid of useless things in the house, it does not mean that they should be taken directly to the waste...

Save on removal by moving to a fully equipped home

save on removal by moving to a fully equipped home

In this article we want to advise you on some solutions for new, used equipment (furniture, objects of design and decoration, etc.) or the items in perfect working condition that can be used for several years (electrical appliances, exercise equipment, etc.). For whatever reasons, you must get rid...

Welder services in a national and international move

welder services in a national and international moving

We have a motto "Our services consist in making easy your life", and exactly with this objective, our main service, which is the transportation of goods and removals, we "reinforce" it with a series of totally free or low-cost services, which in Its totality is aimed at increasing the quality of our activity.

Sometimes work on locks and metal structures...

Current prices of removals in the transportation market

current prices of removals in the transportation market

We attend and quickly manage any matter related to the move. Get a quote for your move without any commitment, easily, quickly, professionally and completely free of charge. We understand that being the first contact with you, we must demonstrate our professionalism.

We propose another possibility, immediate, to get a transport price for your cargo - through the REMOVAL PRICE QUOTING. This...

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