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Moving. Important issues for determining in advance



important issues to determine previously for moving

Regardless of whether it is a large move, a medium move or a small size, there are issues to determine previously. For a correct organization of the works, from the beginning it is essential to master:


❶Information on the existence of elevators (lifts) and if they are useful when loading / unloading your belongings. In the following section you will find some useful information about it;


❷Information about the existence of nearby loading-unloading areas at the origin / destination of the move.

The issues above indicated (together with an inventory (although approximate) provided), allow to determine the optimal number of operators that must provide the service and evaluate approximately the time that will take the loading process at the origin and unloading at the destination of the move.

When managing your move, we recommend you to take advantage of a very interesting tool - REMOVAL RATES CALCULATOR, which allows you to find an economic price for your move, create a professional inventory (which will greatly facilitate the price of your move) as well and know the estimated time that the transport of your merchandise or move will last;


❸ Information on whether the origin and / or destination of the move are in the areas of limited traffic *.

To avoid delays with the collection or delivery of the order or, more serious still, to face a situation of inability to provide services, we must first know if the point of collection or delivery of the cargo are in areas restricted to access and free movement of vehicles. In cases of restrictions, as a general rule, procedures must be performed in advance to authorize the access to areas of limited traffic established by the regulations in force in each city.

It is worth remembering here that the transportation of used personal belongings with vehicles whose MMA (maximum authorized mass) exceeds 3,500 kilograms is considered a removal. The pickup or delivery performed by vehicles of that weight or less are understood as "loading and unloading". Therefore, in case of small or medium-sized removals (when the pickup or delivery of your goods is carried out in vans) you need to carry out a simple procedure, in order to have a specific authorization so that the vehicle can enter this zone.

*Limited traffic areas are spaces where the access of vehicles to non-residents is restricted in order to preserve the sustainable use of the roads included in that area, as well as to reduce the levels of acoustic and atmospheric pollution of mentioned space;


❹The dates that best suit the client for the realization of the removal / merchandise transportation.

The next important element to organize a move are the chosen days. In the case of transfers between large cities, it is almost always advisable to avoid Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and holiday eves. If it is unavoidable, when planning a move, you must first get informed to avoid slots with special restrictions motivated by mass movements of vehicles in the context of special traffic operations, changes in traffic during the markets, restrictions on sports events, cycling races and other events on the road.


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Cynthia Schuck

Cynthia Schuck

I had a great experience with CocheLimp and their staff when moving from Spain to Switzerland. They were extremely quick at answering emails, very detailed regarding all the procedures that had to be accomplished, and the driver was most careful and attentive with all our belongings. I truly recommend their services.

Brigitte Jelen

Brigitte Jelen

Parfait! Les deux déménageurs sont arrivés à 7h du matin comme prévu à Madrid et sont arrivés à 19h le lendemain comme prévu à destination. Très bon service, très professionnel. Je recommande.

Marta Bernal

Marta Bernal

Tuvimos que hacer una mudanza de España a Luxemburgo. Quedamos muy contentos con el servicio prestado por Cochelimp. Puntuales, profesionales y educados. Nos informaron en todo momento del estatus de la mudanza. Trataron la mercancía con cuidado y con seguros, contrato. Muy profesional. Repetiremos si nos volvemos a mudar. Lo recomendamos. Muchas gracias!

Sofia Costa

Sofia Costa

Me recomendaron Cochelimp para realizar mi mudanza de Madrid a Alemania, y ha ido todo bien! Su servicio es rápido y están siempre disponibles para aclarar cualquier duda. El presupuesto de la mudanza es bastante claro y sencillo, utilizando la calculadora de precios. Durante la mudanza, me han mantenido siempre en contacto para actualizar su localización y así mejor estimar su llegado al destino. Los recomiendo, sin duda!!!

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