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In case there is an aquarium in the removal between any city in Spain and Europe we have specialised staff, tools and materials needed to move the client's fish tank to the new place under good conditions.


First of all, we would like to remind the clients that fish stand moving better when their digestive system is free of food. Besides it, in a 36-hour trip, the concentration of nitrites (due to the production of faeces) will be reduced if the fish are with the empty stomach.

We consider it highly recommendable to dismantle completely the fish tank, no matter the size, shape and type, before moving it for a long distance (at least 1100km). It's the only way to prevent the breakdown of any of the crystals and, therefore, avoid the delays related to the mantling it again at the destination that may cause the fish death.


To reduce the stress, the fish will be grouped in special containers, according to the temperature and size, and transported in conditions identical to the ones they are used to.

The thermostat, thermometer, heaters, CO2 subsystem, oxygenator, air pump, aerators, tubes, hoses and other equipment elements will be carefully packaged as any fragile object of the move.


Even though the moving lasts long hours, the special containers for transporting filter media (sponges from external filters, complete internal filters), gravel, ornaments and decorations of the aquarium, permit the colonies of nitrifying bacteria to survive the moving.


It will help reduce the cycling time and reduce fluctuations in water quality between the new and previous tank placement.


Likewise, we will transport the aquarium "old" water in sufficient quantities (no less than 30%) and keep it in proper conditions when performing the route to keep the bacteria alive and thus preserve the maturation of the aquarium when it is installed again.



All this process will enable us to arrive at the destination of the move, set in motion the aquarium as quickly as possible WITHOUT starting the bacteria colony from scratch.


Hence, we leave your aquarium in conditions that the only thing you should do is to fill it up with new water till the desired level strictly following these instructions (see the LINK).


All the filter material, gravel, ornaments and decorations of the tank will be transported in special containers that allow the colonies of nitrifying bacteria to survive.



Furthermore, a significant amount of water (30%) will be transported in the tank, which will permit immediate installation at the destination of the move:


- Checking the water parameters, including pH, ammonia and temperature, proceed with the fish placement;


- Add gravel, ornaments, plants;


- Set the filter, the heater, other elements of the equipment;


- Proceed with the incorporation of fish in aquarium.

Consequently, the only thing the recipient must do is to maintain the cycling period of water that needs to be added to the aquarium to raise it to the appropriate levels.

We would like to remind you that the missing water can be added to the fish tank once:

- The levels of ammonia (NH3) and nitrites (NO2) are 0 mg /l;

- The levels of nitrate (NO3) are less than 5 mg / l.

Species (plant or animal) in danger of extinction; fish fed in the last 48 hours - are not accepted for the transportation.

The customer will be responsible for monitoring your pet's compliance with legal and documentation limitations. Before proceeding to transport he will have to be informed about the regulations existing in Spain and in the country of destination/origin.

We will do our utmost to carry out your pets transportation from the United Kingdom to Spain providing a high level of customer satisfaction. A fast job and transportation, the containers that maintain the utmost conditions may assure a satisfaction. Nevertheless, we never guarantee 100% result, since there are circumstances that do not depend on the careers, it may be sick fish, or fish fed within the last 3-4 days, death caused by stress, etc.

We also provide complete fish tank maintenance service and transportation thereof at the local level (at a relatively short distance within the UK and Spain) to shops or aquarium fans.


We may carry out:

- Any type of polyethene chests;

- Jars, buckets;

- Barrels, plastic bags, iceboxes;

- Mugs with a fish, invertebrates, molluscs, aquatic plants.

Furthermore, our customers may accompany their move and pets for free.


Especially, when the total weight of the objects is less than 1400kg and has enough volume to fill the smallest vehicle we have (a van of 12m3. See the photo).


Please, contact us to get more information on our services by one of the options interposed on the website.

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