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Transportation of companion animals, pets between United Kingdom and Spain.

Transporte-de-mascotas-www.cochelimp.comWe offer a qualified service of pet transportation both at national and international levels.

This service is dedicated first of all to customers who want to transport their domestic pet with their personal belongings in a customized moving (in case of load from 9m3).

We assure the customers, who want to contract that service with us, that during the whole journey we will pay the utmost attention to their favorite pet.

We obey all the regulations and rules applicable in quality and respect for the environment, as well as quality regarding to transportation measures: kennels, boxes, baskets, travel bags in case you do not have one.

The essential requirements domestic pets must have in other to be transported are:

-Have all the required immunizations;

-Can be identified by an electronic chip;

-Have a proper passport

Prohibido-www.cochelimp.comWe do not transport: protected animals in danger of extinction; animals of species not classified as domestic companion animals; laboratory animals; pregnant and pre-weaned.

Importante-www.cochelimp.comThe customer is the only responsible for ensuring the animal complies with the legal limitations and documentation. The customer must previously investigate about all the regulations in the country of origin and destination prior to transportation of the pet.

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INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Insert the external dimensions of your belongings into the box; 2. Add the amount of kilometers between the origin and the destination in the red box. The data on it may be obtained on Google Maps or Via Michelin. The links to these pages may be found next to the Calculator; 3. If the number of the objects to be transported exceeds the quantity of rows available, we propose you to go to this SECTION to be able to use more extensive online tool.

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