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Visual instructions to evaluate and calculate the shipment price

Removal and merchandise transportation price calculator.

In order to help in the rapid creation of an inventory (an essential information to quote your move correctly), the drop-down sections of the Calculator contain household objects data frequently found in a move which are placed in alphabetical order. However, just like the first 7 rows (white background), they are 100% editable - you can modify the names and dimensions. By giving the button "SEND CALCULATIONS" of the large table only the objects are sent the number of units of which (the number in the last box) is not "0".



1. Introduce the dimensions and number of your goods in the boxes. In this section you will find some useful tips to evaluate your shipping correctly;

2. After writing the last data, click on the red button “SEE THE CALCULATION RESULTS”;

3. Add the mileage* between the origin and the destination of the move in the corresponding box to see the PRICE and TIME** of the move;

4. To receive a written report without any commitment, click on the green button “SEND THE CALCULATIONS”.


*The mileage may be consulted on Google Maps o ViaMichelin (see links).
**After the reception of the goods in the origin, the estimated delivery time in the destination may have certain modifications for reasons not depending on the carrier (the traffic, adverse weather conditions, etc.) The cargo can be collected / delivered at the origin / destination earlier than expected, in case the factors mentioned above are favourable.


*Depending on the speed of the Internet connection, sometimes the passage from one cell to another and, consequently, the visualization of the result of the calculation, can take about 3-5 seconds. To "streamline" the process, occasionally click red Button "SEE RESULT".

**For the shared transportation service of loads of 3m3/400kg at national and international levels (ratio more than 350km) without a VAT and customs clearance.

There are personalised discounts for each client, special discounts for students, users who belong to large families, for retired people over 65 and merchandise transportation (moving) of over 8 cubic metres. We can apply significant discounts according to the dates, itinerary, season, etc.


The economical prices found on the calculators or special prices elaborated by our team include a series of services directly connected to the moving or merchandise transportation aim to increase the transportation service quality in general. Please, follow this link to get to know them.


IMPORTANT: We ask that you always check the data on characteristics of your belongings before the shipping. * In this SECTION you will find some useful tips for evaluating your shipment properly. If the results exceed the data provided before, additional costs may be charged according to the volume/the actual weight of the load.


Compare the prices with Google technology

To start the search, it is also recommendable to write “Obtain different prices for the transportation” or “Transportation rates market”, etc.

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Free of charge services or/and included in the price


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Warehouse for loads ≤ 3 m3


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