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Loading & Unloading Service

Servicio-de-carga-descarga-www.cochelimp.comWe will appreciate the detailed description of the loading/unloading conditions on behalf of our clients. The information on the existence of useful forklifts, elevators, ramps to perform the pickup/delivery of your belongings, will allow us to determine the number of operators to provide the service and to organize properly the work without failures and delays of any kind.

The economic rates found on the REMOVAL COSTS CALCULATOR include all the transportation costs of your goods (fuel, tolls) and the loading/unloading service (from/to the apartment) if the origin and the destination of the move have useful lifts(forklifts) for that purpose or they are situated on the ground floor.

In case of absence of lifts (forklifts) or due to the considerable dimensions of the objects that would not be possible to put them inside/outside of the room or apartment, or for the same reason into the lift/forklift of the building, to perform the pickup/delivery of these objects only the final price will depend on the time of loading/unloading (manual labour of moving them up and down from/to your apartment). For that service we offer 25 €/hour per operator.

As you may see, the price for that manual labour is very economic. For example, if there are two operators performing you moving and there is one sofa only that cannot be fitted into the lift and for the picking up and delivery the operators spend 10 min, the final price will increase at 8,33€ only. You may control the issue on your own using the following formula:

Likewise, we beg to provide us with the information whether the origin and the destination have loading/unloading area nearby.

This SECTION will help you a lot to evaluate your moving in a proper way. 

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Transportation price calculator.

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Insert the external dimensions of your belongings into the box; 2. Add the amount of kilometers between the origin and the destination in the red box. The data on it may be obtained on Google Maps or Via Michelin. The links to these pages may be found next to the Calculator; 3. If the number of the objects to be transported exceeds the quantity of rows available, we propose you to go to this SECTION to be able to use more extensive online tool.

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