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Transportation of bicycles, buggies, tricycles, quads between Spain and United Kingdom.

Envío-de-bicis-quads-buggies-www.cochelimp.comWe recommend our fast, economic and of quality shipments of all kinds of lightweight vehicles, motor vehicle, vehicles driven by human power, of two wheels (bikes), of three (tricycle, buggies with sidecar) and of four wheels (quads).

The services are provided by professionals and are geared to experts and fans of cycling and motorcycling.

To be able to help our clients to manage the transportation of the vehicle in a better way, we suggest using the online tool, CALCULATOR that offers: find important postulates in budgeting; on the basis of the found information to calculate the price of your moving; to know the approximate time of duration of such kind of shipping.

To obtain these reports, it will be enough to insert in that online tool three extreme dimensions (width length and height) of your belonging and to match the distance between the origin of the current location of vehicle and the location the vehicle has to be sent.

So, without leaving the page, we recommend to compare the found prices and the ones of other companies for the same service. The customer will be the only responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the provided dates. That also includes any kind of complaint, legal or judicial action filed by third parties.

In addition, the customer has to be informed about current regulation in Spain and the origin/destination of the transportation (United Kingdom) prior to the shipment of the vehicle.

We will be happy to inform you in details about our services through one of these options:
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You may also send us the following form, specifying the required service, describing the questions, doubts and suggestions you may have.

Order form (24 hours)

Transportation price calculator.

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Insert the external dimensions of your belongings into the box; 2. Add the amount of kilometers between the origin and the destination in the red box. The data on it may be obtained on Google Maps or Via Michelin. The links to these pages may be found next to the Calculator; 3. If the number of the objects to be transported exceeds the quantity of rows available, we propose you to go to this SECTION to be able to use more extensive online tool.

Object/box, table, etc. Length/cm Width/cm Height/cm Number/units
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INSTRUCTIONS: Video (in Spanish)


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